• This is it.

    So I’m currently at the airport, checked in, bag dropped and ready to embark on my first (hopefully of many) solo trip. In complete honesty, I’m freaking out a little. I feel so ready to cry but I don’t think it’s with sadness or being scared, I think it’s the excitement just not sure how… Read more

  • 8 Things To Do On a Trip To Tobago

    8 Things To Do On a Trip To Tobago

    For my first Travel Tips blog post I thought it’d be best to be about a place that holds a massive piece of my heart. With my grandparents being born and bred Trinidadians’ who moved to Tobago 20 years ago, I consider myself super lucky to be able to have been coming here on holidays’… Read more

  • ‘You’re So Brave Travelling Alone’

    So 7 times out of 10 (i’d say 9 is a little too high and even more cliché) i’ve told someone i’m going travelling it’s gone a little something like this: (Them): Aw wow you’re going travelling, that’s so exciting! Are you going with your boyfriend? (Me): Nope. (Them): Friends?? (Me): Nope, I’m going on… Read more

  • It’s Not As Easy As You Hoped It Would Be.

    When you’re going through the education system you have this cliché idea of what your road map is going to look like from here on out. It’s all bright and hopeful, you finish High School, go to College go through the stresses of getting into University and then once you graduate thats it – career… Read more

  • I’m Terrible at Introductions…

    I have a head full of things i want to say to someone new, but i usually end up talking about the weather. How British. I have good days and bad days when it comes to confidence. Sometimes i can walk into a room full of people, walk up to a stranger and just start… Read more


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