• Top 3 things to do in Cartagena

    Top 3 things to do in Cartagena

    If your trip involves Colombia, then visiting Cartagena is a must do. A city filled with colour, history and good vibes. Cartagena is most definitely a place worth visiting and today the risk levels are generally low, however, as with anywhere in the world you need to keep your wits about you and practice safe… Read more

  • Must Eats in NYC

    Must Eats in NYC

    Like many people visiting NYC was always on my bucket list – feeling like I’m in the movies whilst walking around Times Square, whistling to hail down a yellow cab and eating that perfect New York Pizza. I can confirm my time in Times Square was not so glamorous, but it did involve eating Hershey’s… Read more

  • A 4 Week Europe Trip

    A 4 Week Europe Trip

    For my first solo backpacking trip, I wanted to keep things relaxed but still have an outline plan of where I wanted to go, as to not get completely overwhelmed with choices whilst away. Unfortunately my plans were cut short and I wasnt able to complete it in full due to the pandemic. This route… Read more

  • I’m In My 20s, Put on Weight, and I’m OK About It

    I’m In My 20s, Put on Weight, and I’m OK About It

    Body changes in your 20s are so normal, you’ve just got to roll with it. Here’s how i’ve come to terms with my weight gain over the last year. Read more

  • Vienna From Above

    Vienna From Above

    The best places to see Vienna from a completely different perspective. St. Stephen’s Cathedral The highest point you can climb to in the first district of the City, it’s not the easiest of walks up to the top, but my god is it worth it. 2. The Coffee House at Justizpalast A lovely quiet spot… Read more

  • What The F Happened

    What The F Happened

    I’m not even sure where to start with this one. I obviously can’t get into what my life has been since my last post (a whole 7 months ago, whoops) without referencing the small matter of the global pandemic going on, but I’m not going to get into that too much. I don’t know about… Read more


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