Travel the World on a Budget with WorldPackers

My travel story started in 2020, which got a little hijacked by the pandemic but picked up again in late 2021. I’m going to be honest, deciding to quit my job and travel was a reasonably fast decision which meant I hadn’t saved up so much money.

Travelling the world can be an extremely costly activity, and taking long trips out of pocket isn’t accessible for everyone. Along my travels I have met people who have saved for months/years for a big trip, and also met people who have bought flights with nothing but a small emergency fund and the cost of a flight home in their bank account.

Now, depending on your travel goals and timeframes, working whilst travelling might not appeal to you, and that’s great! But for some, especially those who want to make their travels continue for as long as possible, work trades can be your best friend!

Being able to live (accommodation) and sometimes even eat for free definitely helps with keeping as many pennies inside the purse as possible and thus, extending your travels.

No matter the skills you have to offer, there will be something suitable for you! Whether you’ve worked in hospitality, have a passion for photography, understand the world of social media and digital marketing, you can code and build websites or you’re just a bubbly friendly person who is happy to put their mind to anything they desire.

Worldpackers has an established global network of more than 3.8 million travellers who have traded their skills and time for accommodations in 140+ countries with 10,000 verified hosts. With the mission of inspiring people to discover themselves and the world around them, Worldpackers has grown a loyal following of travellers from all over the globe. If you’re looking to travel, build skills and visit locations you’ve dreamed of for a fraction of the price, then WorldPackers is most definitely for you!

So, if this all appeals to you and it’s something you’d like to explore further, follow the link to the Worldpackers site to sign up with a $10 discount or use the code NOMEYO at checkout to save some pennies!! $10 can feed you for a few days on your next trip 😉