Bus Travel Around Colombia

Whilst backpacking Colombia travel from place to place can sometimes be an interesting experience… This trip in particular felt as though a quick blog post could maybe help someone else out making the same journey!

Travelling Colombia by bus is a great option to save on the pennies, but not necessarily one to save on time. Colombia is very well connected by internal flights, which really aren’t too expensive so this is always an option – but to really save your money, bus travel is the way to go.

When travelling anywhere in Colombia by bus you NEED to download the RedBus app, you can also use the website, but apps are always just a little easier. The app is super self-explanatory, you insert your start point and end point and you’ll be given all the possible options required, easy as that.

However, there are some things to consider which we found out the hard way (by almost missing our bus) that sometimes it’s not as simple as booking your ticket online.

After booking online, when you arrive at the bus terminal (I advise doing so with good time), you need to find the desk which corresponds with the bus company you’ve booked with – this is important because with a lot of the companies’ a virtual ticket on your phone will not suffice. Often this virtual ticket will need to be transferred into a paper ticket which you then hand to the bus driver. Sometimes queues can be pretty long so as I said, definitely arrive at the station with extra time, just incase.

After you’ve handled this exchange, you should be great to get your bus to your next destination!

It’s likely that the locations you’re travelling to around Colombia aren’t so close to each other, and let me tell you, the traffic – not so great… So remember, snacks and drinks are a must! Charge your phone, power bank and headphones because landslides can be common and the advised travel time can be extended, significantly!

Colombia has been one of my all-time favourite backpacking destinations, I cannot recommend it enough, so go and Enjoy what the country has to offer!!