Must Eats in NYC

Like many people visiting NYC was always on my bucket list – feeling like I’m in the movies whilst walking around Times Square, whistling to hail down a yellow cab and eating that perfect New York Pizza. I can confirm my time in Times Square was not so glamorous, but it did involve eating Hershey’s smores and well, that was way more fun.

If you’ve never seen the Buzzfeed show Worth it, I would highly recommend it. A group of Buzzfeed producers travel around trying both high and low price food items and deciding whether paying a high price is always really worth it. Such a basic concept but makes for an amazing show!

As well as watching this show religiously, a lot of research went into where we would be eating whilst in NYC, reading blogs, watching videos, the works – eating good food is so important, so naturally, that’s where we channelled most of our planning energy.

Over the span of 6 days we managed to try a lot of foods, so without further ado, here are some of my top picks, you should definitely visit!

  1. Milk Bar
    For your bakery/desert fix you HAVE to try Milk Bar. Cereal milk flavoured soft-serve ice cream, birthday cake flavoured everything and their famous crack pie (which I think is formally called Milk Bar Pie) which is oh wow, so good you won’t ever want to stop eating it. I could spend days trying everything on the menu here, it’s divine.
  2. Eileen’s Special Cheesecake
    Classic New York Cheesecake, eat your heart out. Creamy, delicious and for such a good price. Grab a slice and go – with a fork in the bag you can stop by a nearby park to sit, enjoy the scenery and chow down on a little piece of heaven.
  3. Levain Bakery
    With a number of locations around Manhattan Island, at any point you won’t be too far away from the chance to bite into one of the most delicious oversized cookies. Try one of the classic famous chocolate chip walnut cookies, mix things up with a different flavour, or get a few flavours to try! Something you definitely won’t regret.
  4. Han Dynasty
    A Chinese cuisine restaurant which serves some amazing staple dishes, but the star of the show for me here was the DanDan noodles – Incredible flavours and spice, I always recommend people visiting here just for the noodles! No matter how hard a try, they just can’t be recreated quite like they make them here.
  5. Murrays Cheese Bar
    If you love cheese like me, this is the place for you. A Fairly small and casual restaurant, where the cheese is the star of the show. So many different choices of cheese and different ways to eat it, and recommendations of wine and beer pairings with each cheese dish. I was in heaven.

There are so many amazing options for food establishments in such a diverse city like NYC, but these are some of my favourites I recommend every time. If you try any do let me know what you think, and if you have any other recommendations send them my way!