A 4 Week Europe Trip

For my first solo backpacking trip, I wanted to keep things relaxed but still have an outline plan of where I wanted to go, as to not get completely overwhelmed with choices whilst away.

Unfortunately my plans were cut short and I wasnt able to complete it in full due to the pandemic. This route is a perfect basic route around Central Europe for those wanting to see both the popular larger cities, and some smaller towns which are beautiful hidden gems.

For my trip I chose to use Flix busses as a cheaper alternative to travelling by train. I found the busses to be reliable and although they take longer than a train would, the longest trip is only around 3/4 hours. If planned well this will not at all hinder your trip and give you a little down time between locations to recharge before the exploring begins again!

My trip outline was as follows:

  • Krakow 4 nights
  • Olomuc 1 night
  • Brno 2 nights
  • Budapest 4 nights
  • Vienna 4 nights
    • Bratislava (Day trip)
  • Telc 1 night
  • Prague 4 nights
  • Dresden 3 nights
  • Berlin 4 nights

Krakow for 4 nights gives you more than enough time to aimlessly wonder around the city, to try foods and take in the beautiful settings, experience the vibrant (and amazingly CHEAP) nightlife and go on excursions such as the Salt mines or Auschwitz.

Olomouc is a beautifully small city which after some hard partying in Krakow gave me a short period of downtime and strolls around the centre, taking in the breathtaking history and architecture. If you decide to visit, a stay at Long Story Short Hostel is encouraged, a beautifully sleek and stylish hostel close to the centre.

A bustling student city rich with history is a must see whilst in central Europe. A free walking tour around the centre is extremely interesting and will give you a great start to exploring this city. Paired with bunkers, castles, and the second largest ossuary in Europe (after the Catacombs of Paris) you will easily fill your time in Brno. There are also some great speakeasy’s dotted around the city – ask some locals if you can!

Rich with history, beauty and lots of parties, Budapest is not one to miss. Out of all of the options for tourist attractions I cant reccommend a night time river tour enough (you can also choose a wine tasting option for this which is VERY fun) to be able to see the city lit up in the dark, truly breathtaking. The thermale spa is fabulous but be weary of the night events, they can get a little rowdy and ‘steamy’ not just in the literal sense of the word… at some points it felt a little too much like an orgy for my liking.

So much to do and so much to see! If you can get to the opera, standing tickets are CHEAP and it’s a once in a lifetime expereince for sure. Also check out my previous blog post Vienna From Above for some of the best views in the City.

It’s perfect for a day trip from Vienna, or a longer stay if you fancy it. The walking tours are great to see the whole city and just as great to meet other solo travellers to link up for lunch or a drink before you hehad back to Vienna!

Telc is another hidden gem of a city, with beautiful architecture and an abundance of history, it’s a great pit-stop as you travel further up north on your trip. Get in some r&r before you get to Prague!

I hope you’re ready to party! With some great hostels to offer in the city centre, you’ll meet some amazing like-minded solo travellers and have a whale of a time. Being a large city, travelling around is easy and there are a plethora of museums, galleries and historical exhibits to peak your interest whilst there.

The city is one of the most visited cities in Germany and with the amount of wartime history it’s easy to understand why. There are a number of beautiful parks, great architecture and bridges to be seen during your stay here.

The largest city in Germany has a lot to offer for tourists, historical, cultural, entertainment. You won’t be lost for things to do and see whilst in Berlin, there’s something for everyone including a booming nightlife if that’s what you’re into!

Although it’s great to have an idea of where you’re travelling around Europe, it’s not essential to stick to the script. When travelling alone it’s often better to have flexibility in your plans so you can meet new people, make friends and start continue your journey together. Hostels are also the best places to find reccommendations so try not to over plan and just roll with the punches.