I’m In My 20s, Put on Weight, and I’m OK About It

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, well I will try anyway. I just want to share my newfound outlook on weight gain in your early/mid 20s, because it’s actually quite common.

This last year has been hard for everyone in some way shape or form, and every struggle, no matter how small, is valid.

My ‘panoramic’ experience has been filled with ups and downs, of which we don’t need to get into, but a byproduct of all the happenings of the last year and a bit has been weight gain.

Now, as well as broadening my waist size, I have broadened my mindset. And when it comes to weight gain at this age, the one thing that has helped me hold my head high is the following:

I’ve simply grown into my woman’s body.

I would/have found myself constantly looking at pictures from my first years at university, wishing I still looked like I did back then. What I failed to remember however, is that at those points in time i was still ONLY 18. When you finally turn 18 you think yes, this is it, i’m officially an adult. But in reality you can do all of the things adults do but are you really an adult? No not really, especially in terms of body development and especially as a female.

In your 20s more often than not you’ll go through a ‘Second Puberty’ and its TOTALLY NORMAL!! I honestly didn’t know this, but it makes a whole lot of sense. A lot of women begin to really grow into their curves, your metabolism can slow down a little, life changes and your responsibilities increase. You’re not the 18 year old with very few responsibilities anymore and it’s just a part of life, but it’s so easy to forget that life was so different back when you were 18 and the only constant in these different lives that you see, is yourself. Which makes it so easy to focus on how you looked back then compared to now.

Looking at my life and bringing myself back to the fact that i’m growing up, i’ve become a woman and i’m not a girl anymore brings me comfort, confidence and happiness. And as long as i’m comfortable in my own body, happy in the life i’m living and confident in the choices I make, I don’t see ANY issue whatsoever about putting on a little weight.