So often I hear ‘Meditation is not for me, I just can’t get my brain to be quiet.’ ‘I tried it once, but I can’t do it’ and so many other reasons that meditation just doesn’t work for someone. In reality, meditation isn’t something that works or doesn’t, as with almost anything in life, understanding and utilising the art of meditation takes practice and patience.
I see meditation as taking control, finding strength within your mind and taking hold of what’s going on up there.
It’s not easy and it won’t come naturally to everyone, but it’s so worth the persistence of working through the tough times, to find the power that you hold within.

When you think of meditating, the image that comes to mind is most likely being sat, legs crossed, eyes closed. What if I told you, this isn’t your only option when meditating and there are a number of opportunities during your day where you can incorporate meditation without having to set time aside to sit down and focus in this way!

To meditate isn’t to forget or ignore the body – we are able to bring the same level of mindful awareness whilst moving, as we can whilst sat in stillness. Moving the body allows you to loosen energy stored both physically and emotionally, meaning that through movement we can in turn bring more freedom to the mind.

Sound is made up of vibrations and utilising these through meditation blends the sound and our energetic vibrations together. Putting meaning and intention behind your sound meditation, whether that be singing, humming or mantra chanting will allow a deep connection between mind, body, sound and soul.

How to make almost any action meditative:

1. Act with intention
2. Connect with your surroundings
3. Take notice of when your thoughts begin to drift away
4. Hold no judgement, be solely observant

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